Wednesday, April 6, 2011

oh what a week

 Our bird house that we completed on a tree in our front yard
 Easter Egg Wreath closeup on our front door
 And then far away
 Daddy reading to Aiden a book that we got from the library
 And the books that we picked out
Closeup of our bird house

This week has been pretty crazy around here lots of play dates to do and many other things that were accomplished. We the children and I made a couple of crafts this week they loved doing them. First we made a easter egg wreath which turned out a lot better after I hung it on the door outside. And then we made a bird house to hang on a tree outside with popsicle sticks. Of course Mike and I did most of the work but thats okay it was good family together time. Even though I forgot to take pics throughout this process of making these crafts so all I have to show is the finished projects. we also went to the library to get some books for aiden since he loves to read and enjoys his books very much so that ended up being storytime also. Hope that you all enjoy our crafts that we did this week. There will be more to come so stayed tuned.