Monday, October 1, 2012

our first adventure

The first week of our adventure we stayed a week in St Louis, Missouri. Took the kids to the park a couple of times this week that really helped with their energy level that t
hey have and nowhere to run to. And man I do wish that I had their energy I could get everything that I need to do in a week possibly done in one day and that would be amazing. Yesterday was Sunday and we took them to this transportation museum. I was quite impressed it was mainly trains and outside we got to go inside and look around the kids got to pull the bell. We also rode on a trolley that was connected to the cables still. If would highly recommend this spot to see it was an all day adventure but my kids loved it their ages are 4 and 7. We also had a lot of photo oops available let which makes it annoying for my two who seem to get annoyed with me for taking to many pictures of them. And my lovely pics aren't downloading off of this lovely tablelet