Friday, November 26, 2010

Random tip of the day

I have been really tired lately sleeping until noon time crazy I think its because the weather has been pretty gray and cold out so maybe thats why who knows. I have now figured out that these sandwich cutters that are shaped like certain objects or animals are life savers when you have kids. I never could get my kids to eat a peanut butter sandwich for the life of me. And then my mom but this star shaped sandwich cutter. I tried it and tada it worked now I can't get them to stop eating sandwiches seems like that is the only thing that they want to eat anymore these days. So I am getting sick of seeing the star I decided to invest in another sandwich cutter the dinosaur for aiden. Madisyn always gets them out of the silverware drawer and says the star is hers and the dinosaur is aidens.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Once supermom now chaotic mom

We got new family pictures yesterday in this freezing cold weather. I have to say that I will never wait this long to get family pictures again. We weren't able to do the full shoot just because we were all so cold that it wasn't worth it but thats okay we still got somme good shots. Even now after looking at them that I really need to get back to my Weight watchers eating and p90x exercises because I am gaining all of my weight back (oh how depressing that is).I am thinking that if I start to get up early work out and then start my day off I may be able to accomplish a lot more in on day than I usually do.
Of course tuesday's and thursdays are busy days with school for me in the morning and then speech therapy for the kids in the afternoon and mikes work schedule. The story of my life full time school, mom to very young children who seem to be requiring my attention more and more day by day, a maid of course I would fire me if I was paying me to be a maid cause really I have not been able to keep up with all of these things lately. My laundry piles seem to pile up before I am even done with the laundry from the week before, and last but not least me time I have not been able to actually sit down and sew something that I want to sew for christmas presents since maybe last year who knows. I don't even know how I was able to keep up on of this stuff before people use to call me super mom but now I am realizing that I am not supermom and I am starting to slack off a little bit or no a lot. I need to figure out a routine maybe that early morning thing will get me on track so I shall try that this week and see how it goes. Now that I am done ranting about whatever that seems to be bothering me in the world today(don't know where all of that came from). But after all I did manage to complete this Cpr class that I needed to take as a pre-req to get into LPN school. Which was about 5 hours long and it seemed to have made me think that today has been a really really long day and I have no clue why.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Christmas chains for decorations

Today was a pretty good day. I decided to do a Christmas craft with Aiden and madisyn that my mom used to do with me when I was a little kid. (Note to self to make sure that I have 2 glue sticks when doing this project with the two of them together)so because I didn't have two glue sticks we didn't get very far in creating our christmas chain to hang up around the house. So tomorrow I will need to get another glue stick so that way they both can make their own christmas chains and hang them somewhere around the house. I guess now is the time to start creating holiday traditions with our children.

Friday, November 12, 2010

What did you manage to get done today?

As the day progresses on today I really don't do a whole lot during the day. But oh well I do have to deal with my two crazy children who have lately been driving me crazy especially madisyn with terrible 3's that we have been going through. Where she tells me no for everything that she does. And then aiden with the I am telling on you to mom and dad. So it has been a crazy week with all of that going on. I did manage to get some christmas presents in yesterday for aiden and maybe one thing for madisyn. And then today I managed to make a tutu puff wand that I have been wanting to try for awhile and it turned out very well for my first one.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

to be a kid again

As I was watching my children last night playing together I wondered what life would be like to be kids again with no worries about praticularly anything but whether or not you got that piece of candy or cookie that you wanted. Oh how life would be to live that way yet again. And to have the type of imagination that they have wow could I write a lot of books with that type imagination and the things that they come with quite amazing I have to say. The plans today to get a lot of stuff done around the house crafting things I need to get caught up on, clean this crazy messy house that seems to never be clean with a 5 year old and 3 year old running around here.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

lazy sundays

Today was just a typical sunday lazy day which ws weird but I did manage to get to toys r us to get a few things for the kids for christmas. But other than that just laundry, barrette making and watching movie kind of day nothing to excited going on around here. I had planned to get a little bit more done today but that went out the door when my children only let me get lets see maybe around 3 hours of sleep. So I guess it was good that it was a lazy day. Kids have pre-school tomorrow and back to a regular schedule if figureing out what to do for the day. And I have to say that the halloween cand is almost gone thank goodness for that.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Bed shopping for two kids

This would be maddies bed without the slide and a longer rail and of course the colors would be green and pink

This would be Aidens bed in the pic below

It has been quite a day today let me tell you crazy isn't even the word for it. We went to a kids bed store and to the grocery store. So we went to one bed place and the lady that worked there was very snobby and rude. I felt like I was in the movie Pretty women when Julia Roberts goes to a very expensive clothes store and the saleswomen treated her like crap. That is the best way to describe this lady that didn't even help us. Of course she didn't have what we wanted but even if she did we wouldn't have bought it there anyways. So we ended up at another store that was pretty much on the opposite side of where we were and this place was a lot closer to our house. We found what we were looking for and the customer service was awesome.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Madisyns bed

and this one would be madisyns bed with slide

What a day

I have been extremely tired today for some odd reason maybe my tiredness is catching up with me who knows. I had a huge to do list today and plans to finish the whole thing but unfortunately that didn't happen, I don't even thing that one thing on that list even got done how crazy that all works out.I even had plans to get creative with the many ideas that I had floating around in my little head of mine, but the creative side didn't happen either. I think that I sat on the couch and watched made for television movies and old tv series that I had never watched in my younger days. I guess tomorrow will have to get some things accomplished before I fall behind in household chores. But Tomorrow we will be having a day going with two kids to some kids furniture stores for beds for them for christmas presents since they need them. And they want them to have slides on them where were these kinds of beds when I was little.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Shopping for another family you say

I think that my children have had way to much candy the past couple of days they just seem to be acting quite insane lately, I guess thats what happens when they have so much halloween candy and with only giving them maybe two pieces a day or so. The candy doesn't disappear any faster than it came into the house, even with help of myself and my husband. On another note I have decided to take my couponning to another level yesterday, to help a friend, As I continue to strive with saving our family money by couponing quite a great deal. I have decided to do some matchups with coupons for one of my best friends. To try and help her learn some basics of couponing and to watch her total drop at the register, and from another state for that matter and that also adds to the difficulty even more as well so we shall see how this adventure works. I am hopeing that she is able to save at least a little bit of money. But I have to say that it has been quite challenging with this activity never did I know how hard it is to shop for someone elses family.