Saturday, November 5, 2011

Making Picture frames

It has been awhile since I posted, With me being so busy with nursing school and study time seems to engulf a lot of my time, that I usually spend crafting with my children and developing their creativeness. So I decided it was about that time to spend some quality crafty time with them and to let them be creative (they love doing crafts and spending time with mom.)So I picked a pretty simple craft that I didn't have to supervise too much while they did it even though I was right there if they needed me for anything. They decorated picture frames all by themselves.

-Wood Frame(walmart)
-Foam shapes (walmart)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

When Life gives you a challenge what do u do with it?

Yesterday another test for maddie and her routine 2 year MRI but this time with general anesthesia. She did amazing I am so proud of her and how she was able to sit still the whole time that the EEG techs were putting probably about 30 Leads on her head with some awful smelly glue. The techs didn't need to strap her down like they usually do with children about the age of 3 years old. The Techs came in about 0530 this morning to remove all of the leads and glue off of her head, She did cry and scream for this one but not because it hurt but because it was cold. She also broke out with a rash from the certain tape that they used so that made it a little bit harder to get the heart lead off of her chest but we managed, And she got a stack full of stickers for being so good about it.

This was her first time overnight at the hospital and she did a good job on that also. Sometimes I wonder if she is just getting used to Doctor visits and how many specialists she's seen in her little 3 years of life.Child Life also came up to see her and see if she needed any toys, movies, coloring stuff she wanted toys so they brought her some toys and movies to watch and play. And when they came up the second time she wanted coloring pages and color crayons. The food was actually pretty good as well and not to expensive at all. Madisyn had room service so she could pretty much order anything off of this 10 page menu of nothing but kid friendly foods she didn't a whole lot of food for lunch she ordered mac and cheese, with fruit bowl, and veggies with ranch dressing, and for dinner she ordered a smuckers peanut butter and jelly sandwich with lays potato chips, apple juice and teddy grahams she ate all of the chips and half the sandwich. Her MRI this morning with the General Anesthesia went very well and a lot better than I had expected it to go. I have to say that I am highly impressed with how the Cincinnati Children s Hospital handles everything, we seem to have had nothing but the best care since moving here to Ohio and taking the kids to the Children's hospital. Madisyn went out with a breathing mask and smelly gas and then they gave her an IV with her anesthesia the nurse said that she did awesome. She woke up and wanted daddy no crying nothing. She drank her apple juice and ate her graham cracker and we were off to home. We find out her tests results at her doctors appt with her Neurologist which should be in the next couple of weeks.

Monday, August 15, 2011

pizza any one

All of the ingredients that we used for these pretty tasty pizza's
 shaping the dough for the pizzas that maddie's making for her brother and her for lunch
 Dough all ready for the sauce and other types of toppings that maddie picked out.
 Maddie putting the sauce on the pizza's
 Pizza's all ready to go into the oven to bake, (lets see how well this is going to taste not too sure)

 Yum all done out of the oven and looking pretty tasty lunch
Madisyn is enjoying her lunch that she made herself and Aiden with the help of me 

My new thing right now is getting my kids more involved in what they are eating and having fun making all of these great recipes that I am finding. Some I do have to say that I alter just a tad bit this one was supposed to be a lot different than how we did it. But I really didn't feel going to the store to get more stuff after just going with a 3 yr old who was literally all over store with her little shopping cart. Madisyn seems to love to help cook in the kitchen she is constantly trying to help me cook so I decided this was perfect for her to make. And they enjoyed it when it was done baking.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Fishy Sandwich

Went to the store the other day to get bread with Aiden I had saw this fish shaped bread online and decided that I wanted to try it with the kids. It may make my life a little bit easier since I have to constantly use cookie cutters and sandwich cutters to shape their sandwiches. And with this Fish shaped bread from Pepperidge farm the shaping of the animal was already done for me. So we tried it kids loved it madisyn loves the bread she calls it her fishy bread so I think we are stuck on this bread for awhile. I will be buying this bread probably all of the time.

Monday, July 18, 2011

the whole bottle of sprinkles

After Madisyn saw how much sprinkles that Aiden was putting his cookie she decided that she didn't need to be neat and clean it was time for her to make a mess also. Oh well at least they had fun decorating right.
I decided that I hadn't done any type of craft or fun activity with the kids in awhile so I decided that they could frosting some cookies today. It was a little bit more messier than I had thought originally but they had fun and got to make their own decorations for their cookies that they were going to eat. So here are pictures of the event.

Friday, July 15, 2011

and the adventure or journey begins

Last week I have officially been informed that I got into the Licensed Practical Nursing Program. I am ecstatic about this news. It seems like this journey has been an adventure and I am so ready to begin this journey of my life so that I can go back to work doing something that I love to do. Not that I don't love staying home with my two kids because I think that is the best job someone can ever have. But I am ready to make some money if you all know what I mean. I remember right after I had Aiden when I was in the Navy that I wish I was a stay at home mom I was envious of those moms who got the privilege of staying at home with their kids all day. I thought that was a dream job, but then I realized after doing it for now about 2 years or so its a hard job, but its the most rewarding job someone could ever have. I am ready for this part of my life to advance forward and to be able to provide our children with more than before. I have loved every minute (well most of every minute) staying home with my children and wouldn't change any of it if I could.

Sunday, July 3, 2011


So I was thinking that its 4th of July weekend why not try and make some s'mores since usually thats when most people go camping. Us we aren't the outdoorsy types of people so our children have never had s'mores so why not make this messy creation. So here it is Madisyn was not to sure about this thing she didn't wan't to even eat since it was so messy, even with the much chocolate and marshmallows on it.
I Heated the oven up to 400 degrees, placed foil on the cookie pan and placed the grahm cracker square and the marshmallow and stuck it in the oven, when I took it out I placed the chocolate on the marshmalllow with the other part of the square Grahm cracker. and tada s'mores. And let me tell you they are a lot sweeter than I remember as a kid.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Madisyn and Aiden's Summer Pictures

And we got our pictures done yesterday in the dress that looked almost exactly like the one I had when I was little. And maddies face healed up for us to do pictures also. I think that they turned out outstanding I love them.

madisyn had a fight with the road last week also

Last monday madisyn decided to have a little fight with the road while playing outside and needless to say she was supposed to have pictures later that day but we had to reschedule. Her owie was pretty bad it looked like a little bit of road rash and some. Here our her pics of her owie as she calls it. I am so glad that its all healed up.

We have found the toothfairy

Aiden has officially lost two baby teeth both within 2 days of each other. We were in Seattle on a family emergency.He woke up one morning and was basically jumping up and down that his tooth was loose. So he had to call daddy right away who was in Ohio to tell him that his tooth was loose. When we got home back to Ohio he lost his tooth and put it under his pillow for the toothfairy to come and take it away. She came of course and gave him 5.00 for a tooth. Whithin a couple of days he lost the second one right next to that one. But didn't tell anyone and just put it under his pillow. Well of course the toothfairy didn't come because he didn't tell us so we could inform the toothfairy to come get his tooth. But daddy went up and found that the toothfairy had came and put another 5.00 under his pillow.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

oh what a week

 Our bird house that we completed on a tree in our front yard
 Easter Egg Wreath closeup on our front door
 And then far away
 Daddy reading to Aiden a book that we got from the library
 And the books that we picked out
Closeup of our bird house

This week has been pretty crazy around here lots of play dates to do and many other things that were accomplished. We the children and I made a couple of crafts this week they loved doing them. First we made a easter egg wreath which turned out a lot better after I hung it on the door outside. And then we made a bird house to hang on a tree outside with popsicle sticks. Of course Mike and I did most of the work but thats okay it was good family together time. Even though I forgot to take pics throughout this process of making these crafts so all I have to show is the finished projects. we also went to the library to get some books for aiden since he loves to read and enjoys his books very much so that ended up being storytime also. Hope that you all enjoy our crafts that we did this week. There will be more to come so stayed tuned.