Saturday, February 5, 2011

What me shopping at thrift shops and consignment stores and putting second hand clothes on my kids

                                                             St.vincent De Paul trip today 10.00

When I was younger my mom used to tell me how much good stuff you can find at yard/garage sales, thrift stores, consignment stores but I never believed her. I always wanted to be in brand new clothes and there was no way was I going to put second hand clothes on my children. I thought that it was disgusting to wear used clothes. But as I got older and had kids they grow pretty quickly and how clothes don't really get much use out of them that was than that I realized how many good name brand clothes you could get at a consignment shop holy cow was I in heaven. But still didn't set foot into buying thrift store clothes even though its the same thing. My kids were always dressed in name brand clothes and majority of it was brand new with some finds at consignment shops. It wasn't until we moved here to Ohio I found some really good children consignment shops, and high end resale boutique which is one my fave stores for my kids. I started to look around at the goodwill and found loads of practically brand new name brand clothes at the goodwill, st.vincent de paul. So I realize now that I should have taken my moms advice years ago about thrift shops and consignment stores. After also discovering I have been more on the lookout for good quality clothes for my kids to wear and look cute but at an affordable price, and after today when I went to St.Vincent De Paul on a lookout for vintage pillowcases to make some dresses for maddie that they sale fabric holy cow I found my new passion. To check out the many different thrift stores and consignment shops in my area. I got on the computer the other day and just googled to see how many stores like that in my area theres a lot so I visited one and was pretty impressed. Of course my kids still get brand new clothes but when I can find a good deal on some name brand clothes I am all for it. Hope that many of you checkout your consignment shops and thrift shops you never know what you may find.

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