Sunday, October 31, 2010

October 31,2010

I have managed to create a blog about the adventures of being a stay at home mom/full time nursing student, learning to teach myself to create many things and learn to sew all at the same time. As well as being a wife, housekeeper and everything else thats inbetween the lines. I am hopeing that my family will be able to follow this blog and be involved in the many challenges that life has to offer us. As well as the many challenges that we face on that daily basis as we live so far away from family and friends. I love my life and wouldn't change anything about it, well maybe having unlimited amounts of money, But then again money doesn't buy happiness. I hope that everyone enjoys my ramblings from time to time and get in a laugh or two of the stupid things that we do as young parents and young adults as we conquer this adventure that we call life as we know it.

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