Thursday, November 4, 2010

Shopping for another family you say

I think that my children have had way to much candy the past couple of days they just seem to be acting quite insane lately, I guess thats what happens when they have so much halloween candy and with only giving them maybe two pieces a day or so. The candy doesn't disappear any faster than it came into the house, even with help of myself and my husband. On another note I have decided to take my couponning to another level yesterday, to help a friend, As I continue to strive with saving our family money by couponing quite a great deal. I have decided to do some matchups with coupons for one of my best friends. To try and help her learn some basics of couponing and to watch her total drop at the register, and from another state for that matter and that also adds to the difficulty even more as well so we shall see how this adventure works. I am hopeing that she is able to save at least a little bit of money. But I have to say that it has been quite challenging with this activity never did I know how hard it is to shop for someone elses family.

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