Friday, July 15, 2011

and the adventure or journey begins

Last week I have officially been informed that I got into the Licensed Practical Nursing Program. I am ecstatic about this news. It seems like this journey has been an adventure and I am so ready to begin this journey of my life so that I can go back to work doing something that I love to do. Not that I don't love staying home with my two kids because I think that is the best job someone can ever have. But I am ready to make some money if you all know what I mean. I remember right after I had Aiden when I was in the Navy that I wish I was a stay at home mom I was envious of those moms who got the privilege of staying at home with their kids all day. I thought that was a dream job, but then I realized after doing it for now about 2 years or so its a hard job, but its the most rewarding job someone could ever have. I am ready for this part of my life to advance forward and to be able to provide our children with more than before. I have loved every minute (well most of every minute) staying home with my children and wouldn't change any of it if I could.

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