Sunday, July 3, 2011


So I was thinking that its 4th of July weekend why not try and make some s'mores since usually thats when most people go camping. Us we aren't the outdoorsy types of people so our children have never had s'mores so why not make this messy creation. So here it is Madisyn was not to sure about this thing she didn't wan't to even eat since it was so messy, even with the much chocolate and marshmallows on it.
I Heated the oven up to 400 degrees, placed foil on the cookie pan and placed the grahm cracker square and the marshmallow and stuck it in the oven, when I took it out I placed the chocolate on the marshmalllow with the other part of the square Grahm cracker. and tada s'mores. And let me tell you they are a lot sweeter than I remember as a kid.

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