Monday, August 15, 2011

pizza any one

All of the ingredients that we used for these pretty tasty pizza's
 shaping the dough for the pizzas that maddie's making for her brother and her for lunch
 Dough all ready for the sauce and other types of toppings that maddie picked out.
 Maddie putting the sauce on the pizza's
 Pizza's all ready to go into the oven to bake, (lets see how well this is going to taste not too sure)

 Yum all done out of the oven and looking pretty tasty lunch
Madisyn is enjoying her lunch that she made herself and Aiden with the help of me 

My new thing right now is getting my kids more involved in what they are eating and having fun making all of these great recipes that I am finding. Some I do have to say that I alter just a tad bit this one was supposed to be a lot different than how we did it. But I really didn't feel going to the store to get more stuff after just going with a 3 yr old who was literally all over store with her little shopping cart. Madisyn seems to love to help cook in the kitchen she is constantly trying to help me cook so I decided this was perfect for her to make. And they enjoyed it when it was done baking.

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