Friday, April 5, 2013

The mountain

I have never wanted something so bad in a long time. The test or as I called it my mountain that I needed to conquer to get our lives back on track again. And if I failed this thing again I would look at myself as a failure. How does something like one test determine your faith and determine your future? Yea I graduated from nursing school but that wasn't the end of it I still have to pass this test, and until I did I haven't accomplished my dream of being a nurse. So on April 2 2013 I went to the Pearson vue center in Renton and checked in to take this test. The test or the mountain that I called it, I was going to pass this time around. I sat down relaxed and took my time I was cut off at number 135 and freaked out thinking that. Maybe I really did pass this time around or maybe I did so bad that I couldn't even come back from it. So I waited and waited kept checking the nursing boards just to see if it had changed and to my surprise it didn't kept saying pending "maybe I did fail" so the next day I checked in the morning nothing later that day checked and it changed under my name it said active. Holy crap I did it this time I did it I have accomplished it. I am a licensed practical nurse. I was so excited that my kids were the first to know and they both gave me high five and were so happy for me. They alone made my day . In this journey my kids have learned a lot how u can do anything that u set your mind too and that failing doesn't necessarily mean you failed, and that when you fail you get up and you try again, being successful doesn't always come the first time around for some and sometimes like me it takes a little bit more determination to get to that goal no matter what it is. I truly believe that everything does happen for a reason. Maybe this was a test or a lesson in disguise.

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  1. That's wonderful! I am so happy for you! High fives from us :)