Friday, April 5, 2013

The Gig harbor history museum

I feel like spring break has had no ending this year, I don't know if its because we are staying with my parents or what. But my children have been driving me bananas this time. With that being said I was able to read a book for about an hour this morning but then they started to act crazy and being really loud and obnoxious so I figured it was time to take them to do something. We headed to a&w to get lunch and then to the history harbor museum that's in Gig harbor we had coupons to use :-) so we got lunch for 6.00 which fed all 3 of us and then the museum was 6.00 for all three of us so 12.00 for all of us for the day. The museum very kid friendly and was pretty impressed with it. The kids had fun, they had a special exhibit that was digging for fossils which they really enjoyed doing in that. The school house outside was pretty cool and the boats that we were able to get in and tour them and what they looked.

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