Friday, November 15, 2013

How do I cope with that

You think that everything is fine and maybe its a little to perfect and then bang,it wasn't perfect anymore. And now You wait for him to text and call but he never does, every time the text tone goes off you jump and run to the phone thinking that maybe just maybe he changed his mind, but he didn't. But as the days pass, day by day you loose hope, you start thinking and wondering what went wrong, what did I do to make him not want to be with me anymore. Its amazing how one thing can change everything, one second and one word can change the outcome of so much. How do I get on with life when I feel like the world has crashed on my head once again. How do you know when your right for someone or vice versa? I guess only time will tell that part, nobody really knows until we are upon it. Even though my heart is broken, It will amend again with time. Although I still believe in fairytales but the fairy tales never tell you about the many heart breaks that you may face in life. Some may hurt more than others and some may not hurt at all. With all the hurt that you have endured in such a short period of time you become guarded from love because you have been hurt to much and can't let it happen again. If that guy hurt me, what's this one capable of doing to me. Relationships don't always end up in a perfect happily ever after like they do in fairy tales. We all would like to believe that they do, then love would be as simple as the story of Cinderella, But its reality and it usually doesn't end up like that. So we get up and move on with life and try to keep busy so we don't think about him. The simple fact that it doesn't help that everywhere you go you see his vehicle or that you see the places that you went together and the memories that you shared. Even where you first met is everywhere you go because its the way you come home from work and go to work every day, it used to make you smile and now it just makes you sad. Guess I better find a new route to and from work so I don't have to see it everyday and think about him.

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