Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The year in review 2013

The whole black eyed pea saying that if you eat at least one it will bring you good luck into the next year. I thought when everything started to down spiral that the saying was completely off and that it would bring you bad luck because nothing good was happening to me, But guess what it was true everything happens for a reason there were more positives than negatives that came out of this year. So that black eyed pea did give me good luck. It brought many new challenges, yes but it gave me something I never had before determination. As I reflect on the Year 2013 and how much has happened to me, Lets just say a lot of crap. This year has been filled with heartbreaks, struggles, independence, new adventures, new beginning's and endings, happiness, building friendships and relationships. There has been many positive things that this year has brought me as well as negative things that has changed my whole life and flipped it upside down, and nothing that I would wish upon my worst enemy. It has brought me many lessons that I have learned from. Nothing in life is a mistake its a lesson in disguise and things that I have learned from, With each one it has taught me something. Many of them I have no idea what yet, but someday I will. I have built a relationship with my father this year and have become closer with him which is something that I have never had. I am so happy that I was given that opportunity to rebuild that relationship with somebody that is a huge part of my life. I feel like I am much closer to my family then I have been in the past. I have been able to talk to them about problems and get advice from them. This year I think for me was about learning that life is what it is, and sometimes people are going to break you but you will get up and move on and be that much stronger. I am stronger than I ever have been in my life, that's a positive. I am more optimistic than I have been before. I have also learned that I need my family more than I thought that I did. When all of the bad stuff happened I felt like a tornado had just come through and nothing was ever going to get better. It did though like life always does. Life is full of trials and tribulations and sometimes you got to take it by the horns and say I am going to conquer this. How much can one person endure? apparently I can handle a lot more then I had ever imagined. Its amazing after you look back on what you have overcome and struggled with how much you come out stronger and ready for the next thing to come across, Because guess what I can handle it. Bring on the next chapter in life the year 2014 because its going to be awesome. 2014 is going to bring many new adventures and more outgoing things for me and my family. 2014 is going to be a positive and uplifting year because 2013 has been rough and hell for me and my family. We got through it, its almost over.

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