Wednesday, August 27, 2014


lets see a lot has gone on since I last blogged. Madisyn came home with lice and it turned into an epidemic, it was horrible. I felt like the worst person in the world and felt it was my fault that she had gotten it, but it wasn't. I never had to deal with these annoying and nasty bugs before so we had an adventure ahead of us. She was scratching her head and her hair was sticking up everywhere from scratching so I checked and of course to my horror there was a bug running around on her head. EWW I thought I looked at Greg and whispered "she has lice" so I ran too Albertsons, got the box of RID and came home. We put it on her head and combed out bugs for about 4 1/2 hours. And to our nightmare the RID didn't work at all, so we researched and researched to figure out what else we could do to get rid of this crap. Come to find out that we had everything already in the house vinegar and tons of white conditioner, lice comb, and shower caps and tons and tons of laundry to wash. It was overwhelming everyday combing out bugs that we missed and eggs on top of eggs I was so tired of seeing more eggs day after day would this ever end after 3 weeks of this I was so ready to call the lice professionals to come into our home treat all of our heads and clean our house. I was ready to pay for this to be gone and I didn't care how much it was going to cost. I was done. Have you ever read what is in the ingredients in the rid no wonder why it will burn your head if you leave it on too long. We will never ever use that stuff again. The vinegar and conditioner worked wonders. We had another episode of the nasty bugs again not to long ago but we think we caught it early. We did the vinegar and conditioner treatment again and combed out eggs and tons of laundry again. We have overcame the overwhelming epidemic that was set forth in front of us. Madisyn lost her first tooth and the tooth fairy came while she was sleeping and left her 1.00 underneath her pillow, it was all glittery and sparkled.

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