Friday, November 21, 2014

My advent calendar

As the month of December approaches seems like faster then I can blink my eyes. I have decided that instead of buying the kids those chocolate advent calendars that seem to stay on top of the counter or the fridge and we forget to eat them and We eventually end up eating 3 or 4 of those little chocolates on one day. So this year I am making an advent calendar and each envelope has a task or activity to do each day of the month. Some are just simple things like decorate sugar cookies, or wrap presents together, and some are write a Christmas card to a soldier, do the operation shoebox to understand that Christmas is about giving, I also included to read the true story of the true meaning of Christmas so they understand that santa isn'[t what the true meaning of Christmas is. I really think this will be fun to do as a family and spend time with each other. I think that the kids will really enjoy these activities. These envelopes took a little bit of time to make but I did each and everyone of them by hand so I hope that they hold up until then. We shall see though.

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