Friday, February 17, 2012

The pajama pants that got reused for something.

I have been saving a pair of pajama pants that have been in my laundry room for oh I don't know how long, with a hole in them and I knew that I couldn't fix them for me to wear them again. So I decided to use them to make madisyn a pair of Pajama pants and I wasn't sure if there would even be enough material to make her a pair, because of the location and how big the hole was in them, but there was enough so I made her a pair. She was so excited to wear them when I tried them on her to get a length for the ruffle on the bottom that she didn't want to take them off. So now she has a pair of incomplete pajama bottoms that she refuses to take off. Oh well at least she likes them and wants to wear them unlike the pillowcase dresses or anything like that.

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