Thursday, November 29, 2012

somethings that we are going to try and do that are around kitsap

As a mom of two rambunctious kids a boy whose 7 years old and a girl whose 5 years old. I'm always trying to find things to do that doesn't cost a fortune to do or involves being outside since it seems to rain constantly here in the state of Washington. I have compiled a list of somethings to do some of these things we have done and some we haven't tried yet but will be soon. Keyport naval undersea museum-We did this one last weekend on Sunday the 10 March 2013 aiden was a little scared at first because we came in the diving suits that the Navy used were right there and that freaked him out a bit. He started to warm up after a bit. The museum was nice it was kid friendly had an area for kids to play and dress up in navy uniforms with covers as well. The kids also goto to talk on sound power phones which they thought that was awesome. The best part was there was an area that they got to pretend they were in a submarine and be in with the controls and drive the submarine, My kids got to see kind of what their daddy did as part of his job when he was in the military. The cost was free there wasn't really busy at all and they got to take coloring pages home to color, They had a blast so I would recommend this place also and the best part its free. The bug museum- We went and discovered the bug museum which is in bremerton and across from the shipyard. The bug museum was free and it was pretty cool the kids had a lot of fun looking at the ants, spiders and different types of bugs. It also had some reptiles in another room that housed snakes and lizards. I was pretty impressed with this place, it took us about 30 minutes to walk through. They also had a tortoise that was in a fenced area that was just roaming in that area, the kids got to touch his shell, they were pretty psyched about being able to touch the shell. The library which we frequently visit since its free to borrow books gives the kids something educational. Kidimu which is banbridge island looks fun and not expensive 6.00 a person and there's a coupon for a free admission bogo. So we plan on doing that one. poulsbo marine center this looks pretty cool to do. We did do this on a weekend it was pretty cool the kids really enjoyed walking around and looking at all of the fish and sea life that we have here around the Puget sound. The cost was free and then took them to ice cream at a local ice cream shop. Which was very good, it was creamy and delicious I have to say. We will be doing this outing again in the near future. It took about 20 minutes to walk through, there was a coloring/activity area at the end which we did stay at that part to color and play with some of the things they had in there.The staff were very helpful and educated they had a lot of information to share with us. play kitsap looks like a place that we went to in Ohio and we loved it so gonna check that place out. imagination station Port orchard its an indoor play center for kids 0-6 cost is 7.00 per child and 5.00 for sibling and that's for all day. We did this yesterday March 15 2013 I didn't get any pics of maddie playing but I would recommend this for everyone. Maddie had a lot of fun playing in the houses, grocery shopping with the pretend food and grocery carts, also they had a playset that had a huge slide that she could have gone down. They also had tables that were set up on the side so I was able to drink my coffee and study for the nclex while she played. It was all enclosed so she couldn't leave without someone opening the door from the opposite side. We did have a little bit of a problem everyone has to have socks on so we had to buy her some socks from the dollar tree, and her sweatshirt got swiped so I would advice to not put coats or sweatshirts on the hooks, next time I will take her stuff inside with me to wherever I am sitting at. the Victorian tea house I want to take my daughter her for tea I think she would really love having a somewhat of a tea party since she is at that age where she wants to have tea parties. Jump Gig harbor inflatables admission 7.00 siblings 5.00 another place we are going to try. play a latte just my place drink a latte while the kids play and have adult conversation. Admission is 7.00 and 4.50 for each additional child

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