Sunday, March 24, 2013

Learning site words

As we all know that life sometimes is pretty hard being a mom and trying to teach your children the best that you can. We have a son who is 7 yrs old and has speech apraxia For many of you who don't know its basically a learning disability. Aiden knows what he wants to say but he can't form the words to get them out the right way, so his brain has to find a different path to learn. SO learning to read and memorizing site words is a pretty hard task for him. I was looking on pinterest to see if I could find anything that I could make or use to help him make this memorization fun for him. I found something similar to this but I made my own, I was able to let maddie also play so she could learn also. I would call out the site word and the kids would have to find them and put the car in that parking spot. It was more like a bingo type of game but with cars and parking spots. They seemed to have fun with it. I also put velcro on the back of cards so that way I could switch out the words with different ones.

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