Saturday, November 20, 2010

Once supermom now chaotic mom

We got new family pictures yesterday in this freezing cold weather. I have to say that I will never wait this long to get family pictures again. We weren't able to do the full shoot just because we were all so cold that it wasn't worth it but thats okay we still got somme good shots. Even now after looking at them that I really need to get back to my Weight watchers eating and p90x exercises because I am gaining all of my weight back (oh how depressing that is).I am thinking that if I start to get up early work out and then start my day off I may be able to accomplish a lot more in on day than I usually do.
Of course tuesday's and thursdays are busy days with school for me in the morning and then speech therapy for the kids in the afternoon and mikes work schedule. The story of my life full time school, mom to very young children who seem to be requiring my attention more and more day by day, a maid of course I would fire me if I was paying me to be a maid cause really I have not been able to keep up with all of these things lately. My laundry piles seem to pile up before I am even done with the laundry from the week before, and last but not least me time I have not been able to actually sit down and sew something that I want to sew for christmas presents since maybe last year who knows. I don't even know how I was able to keep up on of this stuff before people use to call me super mom but now I am realizing that I am not supermom and I am starting to slack off a little bit or no a lot. I need to figure out a routine maybe that early morning thing will get me on track so I shall try that this week and see how it goes. Now that I am done ranting about whatever that seems to be bothering me in the world today(don't know where all of that came from). But after all I did manage to complete this Cpr class that I needed to take as a pre-req to get into LPN school. Which was about 5 hours long and it seemed to have made me think that today has been a really really long day and I have no clue why.

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