Friday, November 5, 2010

What a day

I have been extremely tired today for some odd reason maybe my tiredness is catching up with me who knows. I had a huge to do list today and plans to finish the whole thing but unfortunately that didn't happen, I don't even thing that one thing on that list even got done how crazy that all works out.I even had plans to get creative with the many ideas that I had floating around in my little head of mine, but the creative side didn't happen either. I think that I sat on the couch and watched made for television movies and old tv series that I had never watched in my younger days. I guess tomorrow will have to get some things accomplished before I fall behind in household chores. But Tomorrow we will be having a day going with two kids to some kids furniture stores for beds for them for christmas presents since they need them. And they want them to have slides on them where were these kinds of beds when I was little.

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