Saturday, November 6, 2010

Bed shopping for two kids

This would be maddies bed without the slide and a longer rail and of course the colors would be green and pink

This would be Aidens bed in the pic below

It has been quite a day today let me tell you crazy isn't even the word for it. We went to a kids bed store and to the grocery store. So we went to one bed place and the lady that worked there was very snobby and rude. I felt like I was in the movie Pretty women when Julia Roberts goes to a very expensive clothes store and the saleswomen treated her like crap. That is the best way to describe this lady that didn't even help us. Of course she didn't have what we wanted but even if she did we wouldn't have bought it there anyways. So we ended up at another store that was pretty much on the opposite side of where we were and this place was a lot closer to our house. We found what we were looking for and the customer service was awesome.

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