Tuesday, December 14, 2010

LIsts, lists, lists and even more lists how will I get through it all

I have recently found a way to keep up with everything in my little world of chaos that I seem to create very much by myself I think that I like to have massive stress to get things done in a timely manner. So I found that when I create lists to mark off through the day I don't hangout on the computer all day long and accomplish nothing for the day. By having these lists I am able to stay on track with the many tasks of being a full time student, stay at home mom, housecleaner, taxi cab driver, coupon organizer, have my best friends coupons matchups done within a timely manner for her to be able to use the list. Geez, I am getting tired just looking at all of this stuff that needs to be accomplished on pretty much either a daily basis or a weekly basis, and manage to sit down relax which in my world of chaos doesn't really exist.

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