Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Goals for the new year

First off I would like to say Merry Christmas to all and hope that everyone had an outstanding Christmas.

My children loved all of their Christmas presents and now that the day is coming to an end. Madisyn is sleeping worn out from the joys that santa and family has brought her, aiden relaxing to nice and fun toy story 3 movie that Grandpa and Grandma Watson got him along with playing with all of the many toys that he got from santa as well. And I sit here and type I wonder what 2011 will bring to us who knows maybe will win the lottery but in order to win you have to play.

As 2011 approaches pretty quickly this year these are my goals for the year whether or not they come true we shall see in 2012 right.

1. I would like to invest in a new camera since ours is getting a little outdated and I would like to be able to take better pictures of my children maybe one of these will do.

2. to get in better shape and back to my before children weight 5 years ago. So with the help of rejoining weight watchers and doing the p90x I should be able to accomplish this goal.

3. To sew more dresses for madisyn this year with the help of these books.

4. To save money: to reach this goal I plan on putting away a certain amount every month as a savings amount and also putting away what I save at the grocery store or whatever store by couponing.

5. And last but not least I am going start saving for my childrens college by putting $5.00 in each of their accounts each week or 20.00 a month depending on the circumstances.

6. To keep on top of all my surveys that I do maybe if I am able to do them all I will earn a littl bit more money this year.

These are my goals so far for the next year coming up I may change them or update as I think more things or accomplish many of them but these are things that will probably not be finished for awhile so wish me luck as we go forward to the new year and I hope that everyone has a great upcoming new year.

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